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It’s an approach to business that asks what we can do for you instead of what you can do for us.
That’s why Independent Partners Group is the annuity marketing company designed from the ground up to focus on your needs.

And it’s why we’ll help you take your business to new levels!

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5 Year MYGA 3.10%   Sales Ideas
A series of guaranteed multi-year fixed annuities 2.15% 3 year, 3.10% 5 year, 3.15% 6 year & 3.20% 7 year! The 5, 6 & 7 year offer 15% free out starting year 1 and pay full commission to age 84 (5 & 6 year) age 80 (7 year). The 3 year pays full comp through age 90 and issues to 99! … » Read More
Fiduciary Rule Update 2018
As you may know, certain provisions of the Department of Labor fiduciary rule have now been officially delayed until July 1, 2019. Does that mean you don’t have to pay attention to these new rules? NO! You are still a fiduciary when you sell an annuity … » Read Article
2018 Tax Update
One of our companies has put together an excellent Retirement and Tax Reference Guide. … » Read Article
Sample Forms to Help Comply with PTE 84-24
… » Read Article